Black Strength Dream Bead Stretch Bracelet


Rise up in strength with this stretchy dream bead bracelet in black. Black is our color of strength because it takes great strength to take a chance and chase our dreams. This CHANCE AND CHASE Dream Bead Bracelet in Black features olive wood beads. Olive wood represents eternal peace and endless growth in your dreams, giving you the perfect strength for making your dreams come true. Wear them and keep your dreams close to you and think about them often. Made in the USA and 100% handmade. Your band is 100% adjustable and made with nylon elastic. TAKE A CHANCE. CHASE YOUR DREAMS. 

  • Material

    -100% Nylon elastic 

    -Olive Wood Beads from Bethlehem 

    -Vinyl spacer beads 

  • Care

    To keep your bracelet looking like new take bracelet off when around or soaking in water or around chemicals. Not intended for children under the age of 5, chocking hazard. 


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  • Additional Custom Sizing Available

    Larger adjustable bands are available! Contact us HERE

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